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Dog Diaper and the Senior Dog

Your pet dog gives you more than just amusement. You regard your dog as a companion and a family member. All efforts to housetrain your dog enabled you to have a high quality relationship with him or her. The most important obedience training you gave your dog was his potty training, and it worked extremely well for so many years. All those years your dog never caused your home to smell awful. Neither did he give you extra work of having to clean-up his urine. Then one day you realized it was time to add some female dog diaper or male dog diapers to your grocery list. Your dog has developed incontinence and a reliable dog diaper would help you in these trying times.

When a dog has incontinence, he is unable to exercise self-control over his bladder. It usually starts with a trickle of spots on the floor and level up to the soaking of his bed. This condition will bring about discomfort to your dog and on your part a cause of irritation. A number of the causes of incontinence are curable, and a few are not so you will just have to learn to deal with the condition.

In middle aged and older dogs the foremost cause of incontinence are kidney malfunction and urinary tract infections. A veterinarian can diagnose the real cause of your dog’s incontinence. If your vet’s diagnosis points to kidney failure as the culprit, he will recommend a low-protein diet for your dog to help delay his kidney’s deterioration.

A low protein-diet will only slow down the deterioration of your dog’s kidney and will not cause his kidneys to function normally again. You will have to learn to cope with the situation and a dog diaper will help you every step of the way. Your dog may not like to wear her female dog diaper or a male dog diaper and some don’t mind at all. To make your dog love the idea of wearing a dog diaper, be sure to choose the most comfortable and stylish ones.

The Poochie Pants female dog diaper casual female and fancy female lines will make your dog look her best at all times while saving you all the extra work of having to wipe urine off the floor.

The Poochie Pants female dog diaper and male dog diaper look so comfortable and well fitted you will be assured your dog will be leak free while he or she is wearing the dog diaper. These female dog diapers and male dog diapers are also reasonable priced it will not create a dent in your household budget; especially when you consider how much carpet cleaning costs.

Your dog means the world to you. You have had numerous good times together. She gave you company in your happiest and saddest moments. In her senior years she only deserves the best. Shower your dog with all the love you can give and let her (or his) Poochie Pants dog diaper give her him or the best in comfort. This dog diaper will give you and your dog a hassle free life you will forget your beloved has incontinence.